LEKATO Electric Guitar Amp 20W Distortion Delay Effect Bluetooth w/ US Power Supply


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Take your guitar playing to new heights with the LEKATO CA-100 20W Electric Guitar Amp! This compact and rechargeable amp is perfect for desktop practice, featuring distortion, delay, and aux in for added variety. The headphone jack also allows for private jam sessions. Rock on with the LEKATO mini guitar amplifier!

LEKATO Desktop Practice Amp for Electric Guitar

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Earphone Jack for Silence Practice

If you want to practice quietly, play with your headphones, which will mute the main speakers and won't bother anyone.

electric guitar amp

Output to Larger Speaker

It turns this desktop amp into a preamp. Enjoy greater volume and a better audio experience. Besides, the "output" can allow you to do recording or send the sound somewhere else.

electric guitar amp

Bluetooth Audio Function

Find the "CA-100" on the regular Bluetooth devices list on your device. You can play along or practice to a song you try to learn.

electric guitar amplifier

2 x 10w Speakers

Built-in double 10W speakers, LEKATO desktop guitar amp is loud enough to practice and sounds great.LEKATO ELECTRIC GUITAR AMPdesktop practice ampelectric guitar ampportable guitar amp


LEKATO CA-100 20W Electric Guitar Amp Rechargeable Mini Guitar Amplifer Combo for Desktop Practice with Distortion Delay Aux in and Headphone Jack



  • Great Power & Quality Sound
    Built-in double 10W speakers, LEKATO desktop guitar amp is loud enough and sounds great for practice
    You can connect this desktop amp to another amp with larger speakers through "OUT" port for greater volume and sound dynamics, which turns this desktop amp into a preamp, and the effects still work
  • Two Effect Modules
    It comes with two effect modules, distortion and delay that allow it to cater to your daily practice
    You can adjust the distortion tone by 3 control knobs respectively on Volume, Tone and Gain. In addition, analog delay also comes with 3 knobs to adjust the Level, Repeats and Time of delay effect
  • 9V Pedal Power Supply
    What’s very interesting is that this practice guitar amp supports three 9V (100mA) outputs for powering pedals
    We hope it could really help you in a pinch if you have to set up your pedals somewhere without a power strip that can reach your wall wart or you perform outdoors
  • Bluetooth & Aux
    This electric guitar amp supports BT audio function that allows allows you to pair it with your phone or iPad to play to the accompaniment of music
    Aux input also works well when you need to play your music and could be desktop monitor
  • 3H Long Battery Life
    This portable guitar amp can be used for 3 hours after fully charged (3000mAh battery)
    The fact that it’s powered by its chargeable battery makes it convenient to be taken outside without having to deal with more than just your guitar cable
  • Please Note
    This electric guitar amp is meant to be played using the internal charged battery
    Thus, using the amp while charging would be not recommended


  • Brand: LEKATO
  • Model: CA-100
  • Compatible Devices: Guitar, Drum, Keyboard, Violin, Banjo
  • Material: Plastic
  • Output Wattage: 20 Watts
  • Product Dimensions: 8.7" x 7.5" x 3.2"/ 22 x 19 x 8cm
  • Weight: 2.7lb


  • Please note that the guitar, bass and instruments shown in the picture are not included

Packing List:

  • 1 x CA-100 Guitar Amp
  • 3 x Audio Cables
  • 1 x US Power Supply
  • 1 x User Manual

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