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LEKATO is a research and development oriented company.
For many years we have been developing and producing high-quality musical instrument accessories.

We develop and market a wide range of different musical instruments, including stringed instruments, percussion instruments, keyboards, wind instruments, professional electro-acoustic and stage equipment, as well as accessories for musical instruments and many more products, such as guitar effect pedals, wireless guitar systems, microphones, guitar amplifiers, guitar straps, guitar strings, tuners, ukuleles, folding pianos, kalimbas, electronic drum pads and many more products.

LEKATO has successfully launched a globally recognized product line and built a reputation as a leading provider of quality products and services. This enables us to offer cost-effective products to our customers around the globe and to ensure on-time delivery and consistent product availability.
Thank you again for your interest and trust in LEKATO.
LEKATO WS-70 UHF Wireless System 70 Channel
LEKATO MS-1 Wireless in-Ear Monitor System