8 Keys Pocket Kalimba Mini Thumb Piano Finger Music Keyboard


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INITER 8 Keys Pocket Kalimba Mini Thumb Piano Finger Percussion Music Keyboard Kid Toy Birthday Gift

Unlock your musical potential with this 8 Keys Pocket Kalimba Mini Thumb Piano! Let your fingers dance across the keys and explore the music-making possibilities of this unique instrument. Perfect for kids and adults alike, this mini piano is the perfect tool for creating bewitching melodies and mesmerizing rhythm. Play away!

  • Has beautiful and peaceful sound which can lead you to a very comfortably happy feeling.
  • Easy to learn, anyone who picks up this instrument can make a nice sound right away.
  • Super mini, looks lovely and cute.
  • Lightweight, convenient to carry.
  • Can be hung on key chain or worn around the neck.
  • A nice gift to children, friends, family and so on.


  • Number of keys: 8 keys
  • Tone: C key
  • Key material: carbon steel
  • Body material: (all solid sapele) (all spring wood and solid) (all solid crystal)
  • Dimensions: 7 cm X 5 cm X 2.5 cm
  • Weight: 100 grams

Package contains:

  • 1*INITER 8 Keys Mini Kalimba