Wireless Page Turner Pedal Remote Foot Control Bluetooth (US Stock ONLY)


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Wireless Turning Pedal Remote Foot Control Black ABS Bluetooth Music Page Turner

SOLO Bluetooth Foot Pedal Wireless Music Pedal Page Turner Hands Free Flipping

For turning pages, teleprompting, reading music, scrolling lyrics and tabs, triggering backing tracks and effects, sending MIDI commands, cueing audio and lighting, capturing photo and video, plus so much more!

Completely silent, tactile operation. Perfect for intimate performances and studio sessions.

Created from a virtually indestructible polymer blend with non-mechanical switches.

Rechargeable battery provides90 days of play time with a single charge, displays status indicators, and automatically turns off when the host device is turned off.

Ergonomic design, arc design, easier to step on, easy to clean and save


  • Name: Smart Wireless Music Translator
  • Duration:90F
  • Bluetooth: 4.0
  • Weight: 100g
  • colour:black
  • Material:ABS resin
  • size:16x6.8x2.5cm

Package Contents:

  • 1 * Music turner
  • 2 * battery

NOTE: Do not support PC and MAC.

1.First long press the power button, the default mode is Android mode. If it is IOS device, short press the button to switch to IOS mode. When the IOS light in on it means the device is already in IOS mode. As shown below.

2.The mobile phone enters the Bluetooth mode, and the search page searches for the Bluetooth name of device: KOPPO. As shown below:

3.After successful connection, you can turn the page. Press the left pedal to slide to the left, press the right pedal to slide to the right.

4.There are two sliding modes for Android devices: sliding left and right, sliding up and down. The default is to slide left and right, if you need to switch to the up and down slide mode, long press the pedal in any direction. When the indicator light flashes quickly, it means that is has entered up and down sliding mode.

5.Indicator light description:

*Slide left and right, the light flashes slowly

*Slide up and down the light flashes quickly

Note: IOS devices do not have a mode of sliding up and down due to system limitations, only sliding left and right."