DOREMIDI THRU-6 Box 6 MIDI Outputs Standard MIDI Five-Pin Interface 16 Channels


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1. Product Introduction

MIDI THRU-6 box (hereinafter referred to as product) can be used to convert 1 MIDI input into 6 MIDI outputs. This product has a standard MIDI input interface, MIDI output interface,high-fidelity communication, no delay, with standard MIDI 16 channels, can communicate all standard MIDI commands.

2. Product Parameters

Model: THRU-6
Size(L x W x H): 115*73*33mm
Weight: 210g
MIDI Interface: 1 input, 6 output, standard MIDI five-pin interface
Power In Interface: Powered by USB-B interface, 5VDC
Indicator Light: Product power indicator
MIDI Compatibility: Compatible with all musical instruments with MIDI standard interface

3. Product Interface

❶ POWER IN:Product power supply interface, use USB-B plug to supply power to the product,
supply voltage 5V/1A, with power indicator.
❷ MIDI IN:MIDI input interface, using a standard five-pin MIDI cable, connected to the output
interface of the MIDI device.
❸ MIDI THRU1-6:6 MIDI output interfaces, using standard five-pin MIDI cable, connected to the
input interface of the MIDI device.

4. Product Connection

Support up to 1 MIDI input and 6 MIDI outputs at the same time:

Note: According to the situation, you can choose whether to supply power to the product through POWER IN. In most cases, if you connect 3 or 4 MIDI THRUs, you don't need to supply power.However, whether power is supplied or not depends on whether the power of MIDI IN is sufficient.


Packing list

1x MIDI box

1x Manual

Note:Power In Interface Powered by USB-B interface, 5VDC(Not Included)