What if I have a noise problem with my wireless system?

The first thing you can do is remove the interference by trying to switch channels.

Or try switching guitars or other instruments, as well as a different environment.

LEKATO WS-10 automatically avoids and switches channels, no manual operation is required.

Please try turning them on and off and pairing them again.

This is normal background noise, Wi-Fi will have an effect on the noise, and more electronic devices in the room will increase the background noise, all wireless products will have background noise.

This is a signal-to-noise ratio problem, wireless products used in this heavy metal distortion effector will have a lot of noise.

Because the heavy metal distortion effector will amplify the signal at least 1000 times more than the wire without noise, wireless products through the data acquisition, transmission, restore, in the process will add a lot of noise.

At present, we can only reduce the amount of gain, and at the same time reduce the treble and midrange gain, volume down a little bit, and have been debugging to an acceptable range.