JAMELO Microphone Preamp for Dynamic Mic Booster Ultra-Clean Gain Noise Reduction

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microphone preamp
Take your sound to the next level with the JAMELO Microphone Booster – offering up to a 28dB gain and ultra-clean noise reduction for streaming, recording, podcasts, and more. Take the lead and amplify your audio today!

Microphone Preamp for Dynamic Mic JAMELO Microphone Booster Mic Preamp Booster up to +28dB Ultra-Clean Gain Noise Reduction for Home Studio Podcasts Streaming Recording

microphone preamp

Problems Encountered

When you are streaming live or recording, the signal from the microphone is too weak.

However, increasing the gain of the audio interface can add a lot of noise.microphone boostermicrophone preampUp to +28db of Clean Audio Gain

Increases the sensitivity of your mic and reduces noise, bringing its natural character into focusmicrophone booster

microphone preamp

Requires 48V Phantom Power

  • Perfect for dynamic and passive ribbon mics.
  • Does not work with condenser mics.


microphone preamp

Connects to the end of the microphone

microphone booster

Connected between 2 canon cablesmicrophone preamp