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LEKATO Artists

Thank you to all the artists. Your passion for creating music has infected countless music lovers. We salute you


LEKATO & Vito Astone


LEKATO & Sergio Ghiotto

SLEKATO & Madmalko

LEKATO & Andy Rehfeldt

LEKATO & Neil Morris

LEKATO & FR_Akiavel


Let’s start our musical journey together!

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The Agony and Ecstasy of Stompbox Shopping

When I first stepped into the effect pedal section of a music store, I was stunned by the dazzling array of options. While excited to discover various novel tones, I was also distressed about how to make the right choice from so many options. If you face the same confusion,...

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Don't Just Play Music, Create a Symphony: Discover the Revolutionary LEKATO Electric Guitar Bass Looper!

Welcome to the world of LEKATO, a company that specializes in producing high-quality musical instrument and related accessories. At LEKATO, we are proud to offer a variety of musical equipment that caters to the needs of professionals and amateurs alike.  Our hot selling product, the LEKATO Electric Guitar Bass Looper...

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