LEKATO 25 Keys MIDI Keyboard Controller USB 8 RGB Backlit CubeSuite Software

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Software MidiSuite v1.1 (Mac)
Software MidiSuite v1.1 (Windows)

NOTE: If cubesuite reports an error indicating that the MSVCP140 file is missing, please install Visual C++ Redistributable latest: Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable latest supported downloads

MIDI Keyboard
With a 0.5 gravity keyboard, the 25 force-sensitive mini-keys allow you to play expressive music even in small sizes.
Outstanding Performance
With the internal arppeggiator with multiple adjustments and strike speeds, you can easily create music. Asmuse MIDI keyboard has the basic controls you need to create music.
Easy to Carry
The Asmuse MIDI keyboard is so compact that it almost fits in your bag, making it easy to carry around.You can choose USB-powered or wirelessly powered to perform as you wish.

Product size: 32.1*17.8*4.6cm
Product weight: 750g
Keys: 25 keys force-sensitive keys
Drum pads: 8 RGB backlit force sensitive and aftertouch percussion pads.
Knobs: 8 assignable 360° rotating knobs
Slider Touch: Capacitive touch bend tone slider and Modulation slider
Outputs: 6.35mm sustain pedal interface; USB-B type interface.

1 × MIDI keyboard
1 × USB connection cable
1 × User guide