LEKATO K380S 2.4G Wireless Dual Handheld Dynamic Microphone

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Rechargeable Wireless Microphone
LEKATO K380S 2.4G Wireless Rechargeable Metal Dual Handheld Dynamic Microphone 

Unleash your full power with the LEKATO K380S Rechargeable Wireless Microphone! Crafted of metal for dual dynamic sound, this 1/4'' plug is perfect for AMP, PA System, Karaoke, Singing, Wedding, Party, and Church. Make your performance unforgettable!


  • 🎤 Rechargeable & LED Display
    Microphones receiver can be rechargeable.
    No need to set!
    No need to buy batteries! The microphones can last for about 30 hrs, the receiver's battery can last for 15 hrs.
    With dual USB charging port for charging.
    The microphones display can show the battery power and signal strength in real time, don't worry about suddenly not working.
  • 🎤 Easy to Use
    Plug and play, no need pair.
    No need to buy batteries!
    The receiving box adopts 6.35mm audio head, which can be directly plugged into any audio (especially perfect for Karaoke, Speech, Meeting, Performance, Indoor or Outdoor.
    Design for Outdoor Karaoke Speaker, PA Speaker System, Power Amplifier, etc), no need to connect the output line separately
    ( NOT for Bluetooth Speakers/PC/Phones)
  • 🎤 Variable Channels
    Support 4 sets at max for simultaneously using in the same area,(Each Set Using In Different Channel), avoiding interference signals at any time.
    The international standard working distance is 15 meters (measured 30 meters).
    NOTE: If Microphone & Receiver can’t connect with each other, they need Pairing to Reset, please see how to Pair/Reset in Product Picture, Product Description or User Manual.
  • 🎤 Advanced Technology
    Microphone & Receiver use advanced connection technology
    Indoor range >50ft(Outdoor range >100ft);
    Frequency Response 50Hz-18kHz; SNR >70dB;
    Distortion <0.5%;
    Latency <3ms.
  • 🎤 High-Quality Materials
    The dual microphone adopts metal aluminum tube, and the net head is made of metal baking varnish, which is safe and fall-proof and durable.
    The receiving box is directly plugged into the stereo and it is portable.


  • Frequency band: UHF
  • Signal to noise ratio: ≥70db
  • Distortion: ≤0.5%
  • Working channels: 10
  • Frequency response: 50-18kHz
  • Microphone powered: 18650 rechargeable lithium battery
  • Receiver power: rechargeable lithium battery
  • Delay: ≤3msUse distance: within 15m

Package Includes:

  • 2 x Microphones
  • 1 x Receiver
  • 1 x USB Charging Cable
  • 2 x Anti-slip Rings
  • 2 x Anti-dust Caps
  • 1 x USER Manual


LEKATO K380S Rechargeable 2.4GHz Dual Wireless Microphone With Receiver - Make Setup Easy! Plug and Play! No Batteries Needed!

Wireless Microphone

Wireless Microphone Rechargeable Wireless Microphone System Wireless Dual Handheld Dynamic Mic System Set with Rechargeable Receiver, for Karaoke, Singing, Party, Church, Wedding.

wireless microphone

The receiving box adopts 6.35mm audio head, which can be directly plugged into any audio.

●For Devices with 'MIC INPUT' ( 6.35mm)

●If you Equipment have 6.35mm 'MIC INPUT' Jack, you can directly plug the receiver to the 'MIC INPUT' Jack to Connect the Equipment

●If you Equipment have 3.5mm 'MIC INPUT' Jack, you need a 3.55mm adapter and connect the receiver to the 6.35 mm to 3.5 mm Adaptor first, then plug the Adaptor to the 'MIC INPUT' Jack to Connect the Equipment

rechargeable microphone


DO NOT use it with audio device without 'MIC INPUT' Jack

NOT for bluetooth speaker/Phone/PC

wireless microphone

rechargable microphone

Wireless Microphone

Clear and Pristine Sound Quality

● LEKATO Rechageable wireless microphones are made of rugged metal that with strong resistance to impact and corrosion.

● Can transmit more excellent, clear, pure and full sound and eliminate background noise and howling. Ideal for Karaoke, Home KTV, Big party, DJ, Wedding, Class use and so on.

Automatic pairing

● Just turn on the microphone and receiver, then they will pair automatically.

● Really easy to use, enjoy yourself with the wireless microphone system.

100ft Transmission Range

● The transmission range between microphones and receiver is about100ft.

● Move freely on various occasions, such as wedding, church, meeting ,karaoke,small stage,etc.No more limited by cable

Rechargeable Wireless Microphone

Wireless Microphone

Wireless Microphone

Rechargeable Microphone Receiver

● Rechargeable batteries in both cordless Microphones Receiver.

2.4GHz Digital Technology

● Applied advanced digital technology, which can transmitter longer distance and comes with stronger anti-interference ability.

● Clear sound, low latency, no signal loss, low noise, professional sound quality.

Max 10 Sets Using Simultaneously

● LEKATO K380S Microphones support 10 sets at max for Simultaneously Using(Each Set Using In Different Channel).

● Notice: If Microphone & Receiver can't connect with each other, they need Pairing to Reset, please see how to Pair/Reset in Product Picture, Product Description or User Manual