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  What is the difference between guitar wireless systems?

  What’s the differences between the LEKATO WS-50 and the WS-90?

  What if I have a noise problem with my wireless system?

  How do I update the Cubesuite software of M00775 LEKATO Guitar Effect Pedal Looper 9 Loops 40 Mins, to fix tick noise?

  What can I do if the effect pedal products don't turn on?

  What kind of sheet music turning software is the M01857A Wireless Page Turner pedal compatible with?

  About the M02046 LEKATO MS-1 Wireless in-Ear Monitor System, how do I pair one transmitter with multiple receivers?

  How many channels does the M01475 LEKATO MW-1 5.8G Wireless Dynamic Microphone System Plug-on XLR have?

  Where is the battery for the M00997 LEKATO K380S 2.4G Wireless Dual Microphone Set?

  How many channels does the microphones set with receiver have and how do they work?

  How do I connect my device to the M01470 Wireless Page Turner Pedal Foot Controller?

  Why does the transmitter of the M01475 MW-1 wireless microphone system drain the battery so quickly?

  What should I do when the M01857A LEKATO Wireless Page Turner does not turn on or charge?

  M01471 LEKATO WS-80 Wireless Guitar System How to pair successfully?

  Are LEKATO's wireless guitar systems suitable for active or passive pickups?

  M01857A LEKATO Wireless Page Turner can connect to Bluetooth but cannot operate the device?

  M01476 LEKATO WS-70 Guitar Wireless System suddenly stops working, please check the charging indicator first.

  Can I change the pitch default setting of the M02371 LEKATO AT-07 Tuner Pedal?

  Why does only one of the LEKATO M02062 Dual Wireless Microphones work and the second one does not connect? How do I change the channel?

  M01475 LEKATO MW-1 Wireless Microphone System How to pair successfully?

  What are the frequencies that M01476 LEKATO WS-70 Guitar Wireless System works with?


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