10 Pack Orphee Electric Guitar Strings RX-15/17/19 Extra /Super Light Medium

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Experience long-lasting Orphee-RX strings for powerful sound and comfort! Made with imported high-carbon steel hexagonal alloy and 8% nickel alloy winding, these strings offer tightness with excellent resonance. Enjoy extra lightness and bright tone. Special rust-proof treatment ensures enduring performance. Play fearlessly with these primary guitar strings!


  • Imported high-carbon steel hexagonal alloy.
  • Adopt 8% nickel alloy of wire wound.
  • Wound tightness and homogeneous , excellent resonates, extra light.
  • Good feeling, tone loud.
  • Special rust-proof treatment, long service life.
  • For primary guitar players.


  • Inside Material: Hexagonal carbon steel
  • Outside Material: 8% nickel alloy wire
  • Inner Packing: Silver/Red poly-bag
  • Outside Packing: Color plastic bag
  • Model: RX15
    Note/inch/mm: E/009/0.23; B/011/0.28; G/016/0.41; D/024/0.61; A/032/0.81; E/042/1.07

  • Model: RX17
    Note/inch/mm: E/010/0.25; B/013/0.33; G/017/0.43; D/026/0.66; A/036/1.07; E/046/1.17

  • Model: RX19
    Note/inch/mm: E/011/0.28; B/014/0.35; G/018/0.45; D/026/0.66; A/036/0.91; E/050/1.27

  • Package Size: 11 * 14.5 * 0.8cm / 4.3 * 5.7 * 0.3in (L * W * T)
  • Package Weight: 19g / 0.67oz

Package List:

  • 10* Guitar Strings