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LEKATO 2-in-1 Drum Looper Pedal, Stereo Guitar Loop Pedal Drum Machine with App, 40 Slots 160 Mins, 100 Drum Grooves, Loop Pedal Supports External Footswitches Software Editing for Guitar Bas


LEKATO 2-in-1 Looper Drum Effect Pedal for Electric Guitar is a practical and professional guitar effect pedal suitable for creation, practice and live performance. Powerful functions and enormous storage capacity make it the ideal tool for every electric guitarist pursuing infinite creative potential. 

If you are looking for infinite creative possibilities, the LEKATO Electric Guitar 2-in-1 Looper Drum Effect Pedal is the perfect guitar effect pedal choice. 

The LEKATO 2-in-1 Looper Drum Guitar Effect Pedal combines recording and playback with drum machine functions, meeting the needs for creation, practice and performance. It adopts high-quality 44.1kHz, 24bit stereo recording and playback, offering 100 drum rhythms and 10 metronome settings for infinite creative possibilities. 

 The 2-in-1 Looper Drum Guitar Effect Pedal has huge storage space with 40 memory slots, each storing 4 minutes of recording for a total of 160 minutes. It automatically saves recordings even when powered off, ensuring your creative inspirations will not be lost. The 2-in-1 Looper Drum Guitar Effect Pedal features a bright screen displaying current loop mode, time progress, and precise beat in real time, allowing you to devote yourself fully into the creative and performing experience.  

 It supports importing and exporting recordings via USB editing software. The LEKATO 2-in-1 Looper Drum Guitar Effect Pedal is compatible with external footswitches (not included) and has Tap Tempo speed and fade out functions for more fun.

Features & Advantages:


  • 🎸 2-in-Looper & Drum Machine
    LEKATO Drum Machine is equipped with 44.1 KHZ/24bit high-quality sampling and smart tempo setting. 10 Music Styles & 100 Drum Rhythms, free to choose the rhythm type you like, speed and volume level.

  • 🎸 160 Minutes Memory Recording 
    40 preset slots 160 minutes total recording capacity, up to 4 minutes for each recorded tracks. Enough capacity for you to record personal music. Even if it is turned off that can be automatically saved.

  • 🎸 Merger Control Special Function
    The Drum Machine is easy to operate, switch the looper and drum machine freely to work independently or simultaneously, hold to delete recorded tracks. Clear screen will display time progress and operation results.

  • 🎸 Supports External Footswitches
    LEKATO Looper Pedal supports external footswitches (DOES NOT INCLUDED), with Unlimited Overdub, Smart Fill Beats, Fade Out functions.
    Suitable for Electric guitar bass, that can explore more fun of the music.

  • 🎸 Data Transmission & Power Supply
    The Guitar Looper Pedal can Import/Export recording from Pc/Mac via USB cable, backup your music or firmware upgrades at any time.
    Please note: Power Adapter is not included.

Key Features:

  • 2-in-1 looper and drum machine  
  • High-quality 44.1kHz, 24bit stereo recording and playback
  • 100 drum rhythms and 10 metronome settings
  • 40 memory slots, 4 minutes per slot, total 160 minutes storage
  • Automatically saves when powered off, no loss of creative inspiration
  • Real-time display of current loop mode, time progress and precise beat 
  • Supports importing and exporting via USB editing software 
  • Compatible with external footswitches, with Tap Tempo and fade out functions  

    Package List:

    • 1x LEKATO 2-in-1 Looper Drum Guitar Effect Pedal
    • 1x User Manual
    40 preset slots 160 minutes total recording capacity
    Supports External Footswitches

    EXT CTRL Function

    This looper pedal has a learning curve, especially since it's also a foot-operated drum machine, it's a nice box that is suitable for gigging.


    The Circle Looper Pedal display the duration of the current recording cycle and loop mode (Rec/Overdub/Play). allowing you to create some long and intricate loops, giving you excellent flexibility.FADE OUT FUNCTION

    Sound quality is good on the loops, nice fidelity. Setting the time of fade out when the playback stops. Range from 0 to 5 seconds (FADE OUT function is set to off as default).


    Select your favorite rhythm type, speed, and volume level of the RHYTHM setting, also support foot-operated drum machine. Excellent performance and functionality for the drum loop pedal.OVER DUB

    After current track recording is finished, press left footswitch to enter DUB mode, it will start recording while playing back previously recorded tracks.

    Loop Pedal & Drum Machine