Wireless Universal Cube Page Turner Effect Pedal Bluetooth

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Universal Cube Turner Effect Pedal Bluetooth Wireless Smart Page Turning Pedal

This wireless smart page-turning pedal can use the wireless pedal controller to flip through various APP, music, pictures, memos,etc. Via fixed the pedal buttons in iPad/iPhone/Android.
This product also compatible with the guitar Looper pedal change control function, connections can be used. It is very convenient.

This item is suitable for instrument player to flip the score, flip through the pictures of mobile phone or ipads, picture switching for projector presentations, track switching of guitar looper pedals and so on.
This product is based on the design of foot control.
Wireless connection is very convenient. It includes an internal battery which can be used continuously for up to 48 hours.


  1. Power supply
    Make sure that the appliance is charged with 5V±10% Power transformer.
    The max. Operating voltage must be less than 6V, as this may result in damage the device. Turn off this device when it is not required or in thunderstorms
  1. Electrical interference
    Electromagnetic waves such as radios and television may interfere with the equipment, so please stay away from the large electromagnetic waves
  1. Place
    To prevent from deformation, discoloration and other aspects of damage to the product. Such as Heat sources, Magnetic field, Sun exposure, Dusty or unclean place, strong shock or shaking

Packing List:

  • 1X Tuner Page