LEKATO MW-1 5.8G Wireless Dynamic Microphone System Plug-on XLR (Get $25 Coupon)

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wireless microphone
LEKATO MW-1 5.8GHz Wireless Microphone System Rechargeable Plug-on XLR Transmitter Receiver Kit

Discover the power and convenience of the LEKATO MW-1 Wireless 5.8GHz Microphone System! This rechargeable Plug-on XLR Transmitter Receiver Kit offers unbeatable performance and reliability. Make recording easier and more efficient than ever before!

Perfect for Effector Dynamic Microphone, Audio Mixer, DSLR Camera, PA System and so on

  • 🎤 No Interference Wireless System
    Transmitter and receiver system utilize the 5.8GHz ISM frequency band, free from interference.
    Designed for any dynamic/harmonic mic, no need the cable. Up to 100ft of wireless range (Not work with condenser mic)
  • 🎤 High Quality Sound Transmission
    24bit Audio Resolution with Sampling Frequency of 48K provides stable and reliable wireless transmission.
    Less than 6ms latency, no lag or no signal loss. Ensures good performance for your every time.
  • 🎤 Built-in Rechargeable Battery & Power Indicator
    Transmitter and receiver can charge simultaneously with the dual port USB cable. More than 5 hours playing time.
    You can know the battery level when turn on the unit and the related channel's indicators.
  • 🎤 1-Key and Multi-Channel
    Long press the signal key to match transmitter and receiver at the same time.
    4 switchable channels, a maximum of 4 sets receivers can be matched with the same transmitter simultaneously.
  • 🎤 Dynamic- XLR transmitter and XLR receiver
    Works with any dynamic/Harmonic microphone or battery-powered condenser wireless microphones system, Audio mixer, PA system, Provides stable and reliable wireless transmission.
  • LEKATO MW-1 Receiver
  • Power supply mode: built-in lithium battery
  • Cell capacity:3.7V 400mAh
  • Reception Sensitivity:- 85dBm
  • Received frequency:5 8GHz frequency
  • Anti-jamming method: Frequency hopping
  • Signal Distortion:<0.02%
  • Gain:0 dB
  • SNR:105dB
  • Frequency response: 20Hz - 20KHz
  • Delay time:<5ms
  • Sampling rate:24-bit /48KHz
  • Output Impedance:6800
  • Port's type: XLR male port
    Transmitter and Receiver Pairing
    The default setting for MW-1 microphone wireless system is Channel 1, if you want to use other channels, please proceed according to the following steps: 
    1. Turn on the receiver and the transmitter.
    2. Connect the receiver to the microphone and the transmitter to the mixer or other equipment.
    3. You can long press the channel switch button to pair up the channels of the receiver and the transmitter, the signal is to be paired up when the status indicator flickers blue.
    4. When they' re paired successfully, the status indicators on both of the transmitter and the receiver become blue.
    Battery Charging
    • You can see the receiver and transmitter's battery level when you turn on the unit and the related channel's indicators.
    • When the status indicator starts to flicker in red, it indicates low battery, and it's time to charge the unit.
    • When the unit is being charged, the status indicator is in red.It goes off when it's fully charged.
      *Please pay attention: You can charge the transmitter and receiver simultaneously with the Dual Port USB Cable.
      Package List:  
      • 1 x LEKATO Wireless Microphone System MW-1 Receiver
      • 1 x LEKATO Wireless Microphone System MW-1 Transmitter
      • 1 x Rechargeable Power Cable
        wireless microphone
        wireless microphone



        microphone system

        5.8GHZ ISM Band


        • Frequency response : 20Hz - 20KHz
        • Sampling rate : 24-bit / 48kHz
        • Signal Distortion: < 0.02%
        • Delay: < 5ms
        • Signal to Noise Ratio: > 105dB


        Rechargeable Long Battery Life


        • Fast charging, long standby
        • Full power working time: ≥5h(Fully charged)
        • Transmission Range: ≥30M / 100ft
        • Visible battery level (4 level)
        • Come with Dual-end Charge Cable


        4 Channel Automatic Pairing


        • XLR Port
        • Long coverage area and strong compatibility
        • Just plug then you can play
        • The 4 tunnels can be switched at will and automatic match
        • Ensure the clarity of the sound

        Customer Reviews

        Based on 12 reviews
        Gilda Dequeker
        Just perfect!

        On Time, Nice box and overall better than expected with my Shure beta 58A

        Very disappointed / Not working at all - will ask for a refund

        I tried it on two events. First one was a wedding, with just 10M between the transmitter and the receiver. I tried several channels but none of them solved the problem. There were some interruptions (looks it was the wind as it was an outdoor event)

        Second one, there were around 15m between the speaker with the receiver and transmitter (receiver was upstairs, and transmitter on the first floor), each time people went up by the stairs, the signal was lost and there had some interruptions. Also tried several channels for the frequency, and none of them solved the problem.

        The fact that there are quite big don't allow to plug them side to side on a DDJ Pioneer controller for exemple. I need to use cables to plug them.

        Don’t know what happened but for me, there are bluetooth transmitters that you can buy on Chinese websites for 20€ that are doing a better job.
        You’ll get an email from me soon regarding this as I can’t use it in a professional way for sure.

        Luís Cunha
        Excelent 👍

        Perfect for every microfone.

        AMAZING Microphone System Plug-on XLR

        i have bought three of them,the best microphone system,quality and stability

        Tobias Grønborg
        Works perfectly

        Very good!