LEKATO PD705 Electric Percussion Pad Drum Tabletop 9-Trigger Sample Multipad

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If something doesn't work or the sound library is lost, you can try to restore the following preset drum kits backup and let us know the details by email:  support@lekatodeal.com. Thank you.

How to restore:

1. Please download the firmware V4.27 attached and follow the description to update your PD705 to 4.27.
2. Then download the SF7.05 sound library files attached and follow the instruction to load it into PD705.
Please note these document should be unziped and placed in root directory of USB dirve, otherwise, PD705 Pad couldn't read the files.

SF7.05 Sampling Drum PadLEKATO PD705 Percussion Pad 9-Trigger Sample Pad All-in-one Multipad Tabletop Electric Drum Set With 600+ Sounds, Support USB MIDI

Take your drumming to the next level with the LEKATO PD705 Percussion Pad. This 9-trigger sample pad allows you to customize your beats, unleash creativity, and add expression to your performance. you're all set! Conquer your next drum set and create masterful rhythms. Go forth and get creative!


  • All-in-one Drum Pads
    9 dual-zone sensitive silicone pads fully reproduce drum set sounds with snare, toms, bass drum, hi-hat, ride, crash cymbals.
    Get rid of bulky drum kits and play anywhere, anytime

  • Silicone Surface Pad
    Drum pad outfitted with silicone pad, which can bring comfortable rebound feel and accurately reflects the strength of authentic playing.
    Plug in kick drum and hi-hat pedals and play as if you were playing a real drum set.

  • Advanced Sample Pad
    The LEKATO Drum Pad offers 608 percussion sounds, 30 preset drum kits, 20 user drum kits, 8 slots loop MIDI, 512MB storage for importing your own original sounds via USB stick
    With ability to record 48K, 16bit and single channel sample sounds.

  • Support MIDI and USB
    MIDI IN/OUT for use as a contrtriggerinnd modules and software.
    USB output connect to a computer and start triggering backing tracks with ease.

drum pad

Drum Pad

Drum Pad

Drum Pad

Sensitive Drum Pads

9 dual-zone sensitive silicone pads with LED indicators, the indicators corresponding to the pads will light up during performance. You can be certain you never miss a beat.

Advanced Dot Matrix LED Display

Don't worry about playing on a dark or poorly lit stage. This drum pad has a backlit display and illuminated buttons on the control panel Easy to view the screen and press buttons. Get a quick handle on audio level activity during live performances.

Velocity Footswitch Trigger

If you are not used to playing with only your hands, you can plug extended 1/4" TS footswitch triggers as kick drum and Hi-Hat on this drum pad, and his feedback can bring the most authentic playing experience. (Footswitchs is not included)

Drum Pad

Drum Pad

Drum Pad

Built-in Looper

LEKATO Percussion Pad has 8 looping slots for seamless integration into your performance. You can even select a pad to play a MIDI loop once hit. Only one pad can be selected for one preset to play MIDI.

Built-in Most Needed Sounds

Up to 600+ drum, cymbal and percussion sounds are built in, each recorded and tuned by LEKATO Sound Producer Team. These sounds are included in 30 ready-to-play drum kits for immediate use during live performances.

Expanded Sounds Memory

There's no limit to your sonic creativity. This drum sample pad supports expanded external storage for importing your own recordings or original sounds via USB stick or SD Card Reader, supports up to 32GB.

Latest version of firmware and WaveManager software are available. This drum pad can be updated, imported drum kits or edited preset kits. All actions require a USB storage drive.

Drum Pad

Expandable Details

  • 5-PIN MIDI Ins and Outs, USB-B port for computer connectivity, easy for recording, easy for DAW/VST use.
  • 1/4" stereo outputs (L, R), 1/4" HEADPHOHE output and 1/8 inches stereo AUX input.
  • TRIG1/2 and TRIG3/4 inputs support to connect with two dual zone trigger pad or an acoustic drum trigger.
  • FS1 and FS2 inputs support to add 1/4" TS footswitch pedal (Kick pedal or hi-hat pedal).
  • Compatible with LEKATO Wireless MIDI Adapter for wireless connection.