DOREMiDi ART-NET Network Box To DMX 1024 Box Channel XLR Gateway Controller


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ART-NET DMX-1024 network box (ATD-1024) is a DMX 1024 channel gateway controller designed by DOREMiDi. This product can connect DMX equipment with 3Pin XLR interface to the local area network, so that the computer can remotely control the DMX equipment through the local area network.

Main Feature:
1. DMX OUT: DMX output interface with 2x512 channels, using 3-pin standard XLR interface, built-in isolation protection module.
2. ART-NET interface: use Ethernet interface to connect, with standard ART-NET protocol.
3. Indicator light: with DMX OUT, Ethernet communication indicator light.
4. Appearance: high-grade aluminum alloy shell, silica gel shockproof foot pad.

PAcking list:

1x MIDI box

1x Cable