DOREMiDi MIDI MERGE-3 Guitar Five-pin Interface MIDI Host Box Adapter Converter


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Product Introduction

MIDI MERGE-3 box (hereinafter referred to as product) can combine up to 3 MIDI input signals (such as MIDI keyboard or controller) into 1 MIDI data stream, which can be output through 1 MIDI interfaces. Supports the merging of various standard MIDI commands, including MIDI clock, MIDI time code and SysEx.


Product Parameters

Model: MERGE-3

Size (L x W x H): 88*73*38mm


MIDI Interface: 3 input, 1 output, standard MIDI five-pin interface

Power In Interface: Powered by USB-B interface, 5VDC

Indicator Light: Product power indicator

MIDI Compatibility: Compatible with all musical instruments with MIDI standard interface



❶ POWER IN:Product power supply interface, use USB-B plug to supply power to the product, supply voltage 5V/1A, with power indicator.

❷ MIDI IN 1-3:3 MIDI input interfaces, using a standard five-pin MIDI cable, connected to the output interface of the MIDI device.

❸ MIDI OUT 1:1 MIDI output interfaces, using standard five-pin MIDI cable, connected to the input interface of the MIDI device.


Packing list:

1x MIDI box

1x Cable

1x Manual