Joyo R-14 Guitar Pedal Effect PLATE CHURCH SPRING COMET Multi-Effects DC 9V


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Description for the tone:

PLATE: Studio style plate reverb.

CHURCH: Huge room reverb.

SPRING: Classic spring reverb tank.

EKO-VERB: Combines echo and repeated reverb.

SHIMMER: It feels like the shimmer in a dream.

COMET: As if the comet orbits between your amp and guitar.

REWIND: It feels like you're rewinding the tape.

FOREST: It feels like have a sunbath in the forest.

PULSE: Similar to the fluttering pulse.


Dimensions: 109*67*48mm


Input Impedance:2.2M Ω

Output Impedance:100 Ω

Rated current consumption:140mA

Working Voltage: DC 9V (center minus)

Package list:

1* R-14 guitar pedal effect

1* User manual