JOYO WAH-II Electric Guitar Bass WAH Effect Pedal Multi-functional Volume Effect


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JOYO WAH-II Multi-mode WAH Pedal Portable Multi-functional Volume Effect Pedal for Electric Guitar Bass WAH-WAH Sound Pedal


1. JOYO Multimode WAH is a multifunctional WAH-WAH pedal, featuring both ""WAH-WAH"" and ""Volume"" functions. With a WAHWAH sound Q value knob, ensuring the sound changes from compact, sharp to mellow, wide style. 6 WAH-WAH frequency ranges are available for diverse tones catering to various music styles.

2. WAH-WAH frequency range: 6 are available.Its RM shielded inductance is specially designed for WAHWAH sound, which guarantees outstanding tone.

3. It takes lesser space of the pedal board, lightweight and portable.

4. Active volume control circuit design ensures tone’s minimum signal loss and the signal intact.


SpecificaWAH size: 16.2*7.3*5.3cm

Package size: 17.5*8.2*5.8cm

WAH weight: 440g

Package weight: 510 gtions:

Package List:

1 * WAH Pedal

1 * User Manual


Purchase Note:

1. The red pedal (WAH-II) has an adjustment knob while the black (WAH-I) has not.

2. ATTENTION: Power supply adapter should meet the standard as below,otherwise, it doesn't work : DC 9V(center minus), over 200mA capacity, connection of positive (+ ) barrel and negative (-) center."