POGOLAB Saxophone Shoulder Strap Double Shoulder Leather Adjustable Saxophone Strap


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  • 🎷RELIEVE NECK PRESSURE --- Most saxophone strap rely on the neck to support the saxophone, which will put a lot of pressure on the neck. If your neck is sore and uncomfortable, then this wide strap is perfect for you! It fits perfectly to the contours of your shoulders, distributes weight across your shoulders and back, and relaxes your neck.
  • 🎷HIGH QUALITY MATERIAL --- This shoulder saxophone strap are made of high quality faux leather with smooth surface and very durable. There is also an aluminum strip placed inside the leather, which bends to fit the shape of your shoulder and fits perfectly on the shoulder. In addition, it has a rotatable zinc alloy hook, which is specially covered with a rubber sleeve to avoid damage to the shackle of the saxophone.
  • 🎷ADJUSTABLE SHOULDER STRAP --- It has a Y-shaped gold-plated metal beam, which is rust-proof and durable, making the shoulder strap look more textured. In addition, an adjustable climbing rope (23cm-32cm) is wrapped around the metal beam. It has strong tension and good stability. You can freely adjust the position of the saxophone according to your height.
  • 🎷HOW TO USE --- When you receive the leather strap, it is straight. You need to break it into a suitable arc with your hands according to the contour of your shoulders. (Suggestion: put it on the thigh and then bend it, which will save more strength) Then, according to the body shape, adjust the body shape adjuster, and finally wear it.
  • 🎷UNIVERSAL & BODY SHAPE ADJUSTMENT --- It fits most saxophones, such as alto/tenor/baritone/soprano saxophone. It is equipped with body shape adjusters in the end, so most individuals of ordinary size build can wear it.


Material :High-quality Artificial Leather, Climbing Rope, Zinc Alloy Hook

Adjustable Length 9inch-12inch (23cm-32cm)

Color :Black

Suitable for The Crowd Child, Teenager, Aldult

Applicable Saxophone Alto/Tenor/Baritone/Soprano Saxophone

Main Function Practice & Playing


Packing list:

1x Saxophone Shoulder Strap