POGOLAB Portable Travel Cajon Drum Musical Hand Percussion Thick Wooden Box w/ Storage Bag


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Cajon Drums, Travel Cajon Drums, Cajons

POGOLAB Portable Wood Travel Cajon Drum with Strap and Storage Bag

-Travel Cajon Drum, portable size design, with a strap and a storage bag, very suitable for drummers who like to travel.

-Made of Zebra Wood, the surface wood texture is clear and beautiful, showing a natural brown luster.

-The Material is Strong, the workmanship is excellent, the hand feels smooth, the surface is burr-free, and can be used for a long time.

-It Can be Tuned Freely, and there are two sets of guitar strings built in. Use the included hexagonal wrench to adjust the tightness of the screws to obtain different sound effects.

-Suitable for Many Occasions, as an excellent percussion instrument, it is very suitable for drum circle events, family music gatherings, band accompaniment, street impromptu performances and so on.

-Let Go of Stress, lighten your mind by hitting the cajon, have fun drumming and immerse yourself in a world of fun music.

Product Details

Cajon Drums, Travel Cajon Drums, Cajons

Cajon Drums, Travel Cajon Drums, Cajons

Cajon Drums, Travel Cajon Drums, Cajons

Thickened Plate


  • Durable, multiple grinding and polishing treatments.
  • High-quality materials are selected, and the product texture is very good.


Guitar Steel Strings


  • Standard sound quality.
  • Steady bass.
  • Delicate sound.
  • Bright treble.


Drum Case Strap Buckle


  • Hang the strap to play on your back.
  • Wherever you go, you can carry it on your back.
  • Easy to carry.


Cajon Drums, Travel Cajon Drums, Cajons

Characteristically Designed Pronunciation Holes

-The designed sound hole

-After many acoustic tests

-Make the sound even better

Cajon Drums, Travel Cajon Drums, Cajons

Tuning Method

Use the wrench to align the mouth and twist :

-Twist to the left to loosen

-Twist to the right to tighten

( Remarks: When using the wrench, pay attention to adjusting too tight will cause the switch to be inflexible, and too loose will cause the sound to be unsatisfactory when playing. Adjust the tightness to moderate. )

Cajon Drums, Travel Cajon Drums, Cajons

Premium Storage Bag

Deluxe storage bag, Both hands percussion, The nature of sound

-600D waterproof fabric.

-Thick lining.

-Easy to carry out.

-Can be carried on one shoulder, can be carried by hand.

Cajon Drums, Travel Cajon Drums, Cajons

Suitable for Many Occasions

Suitable for

-Band accompaniment

-Street performances

-Rhythm practice and more

-Drum circle events

-Family music gatherings

Let's Travel with the Drum, Wherever You Go, Where to Sing, Let's Sing and Travel the World Together !

Cajon Drums, Travel Cajon Drums, Cajons